STEFANY® Jewellery are made strictly by use of handmade technology. Every stone is delicately prepared and firmly set into a metal frame, so that it doesn’t get out, but also that it is comfortably portable. The jewl gains it’s exceptionality by carefully chosen gemstones and by the designers of STEFANY Jewellery, who set them into unique and elegant frames.

The process

The whole process of the production itself is a coordination of skilled experts in their field, of technical backround and last but not least, years of experience. Before the jewl goes to the woman’s neck, it’s path is pretty long. First of all, there is the sensitive eye of the designer that has to discover the potential of a particular stone and then has the idea of it’s form. Even so, sometimes, it can take weeks or months until the right image emerges.


For the mounting into a frame, the stone needs to get to the hands of the gemstone sharpener. It is him who has to consider the scope of the intervention, so that he would prevent the dammage of the stone and make it pleasant to touch and it’s shape would correspond with the needs of the production. Then it is all about the masterful hands that, with the help of metal, an anvil and a hammer, shape the overall design of the jewl. Not every stone is able to make this journey, but when the proces is sucessful, a unique and stunning jewl is produced.