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About our jewellery

STEFANY® Jewellery is designed so that each stone has its own handmade mounting that allows the pattern, shape and character of the individual mineral to excel. Our designs incline toward elegant and wearable shapes.

We currently offer two lines:


New to our production is jewellery made of precious metals:

  • SILVER Ag (925/1000) with a 0,3 micron layer of Rhodium
  • YELLOW GOLD Au (585/1000)
  • WHITE GOLD Au (585/1000) with a 0,3 micron layer of Rhodium

We use an innovative stone mounting technique during the production process, and a different method for shaping the precious metal mountings. This allows us to create unique and unchallenged designs. STEFANY goldsmiths do not use any mouldings, casts or semi-finished products. We pride ourselves on 100% ORIGINAL HANDMADE PRODUCTION.


Our Bijoux jewellery is made from an alloy of copper, zinc and pewter which is than galvanised with a 0,3 micron layer of Rhodium to ensure colour stability. All of our pieces are non-toxic and nickel-free.

We also use the so called ‘old copper’ hard lacquer finishing technique to protect the integrity of the surface. We do not offer gilt finishes as the soft nature of gold is not conducive to long-term durability.

Custom Design

Custom-designed precious metal pieces can be ordered in our shops and via email, or you can call us and arrange a meeting with a STEFANY designer.
We will do our very best to turn your imagination into breath-taking craftsmanship.

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